Full of Britt
Musical Fun From Yesteryear



Mid-'90s concept: Snag a bunch of those free cassette samplers from Wuxtry, copy over the existing tracks with my own songs, and hand them out under the name "Main." As with most of my ideas, if it takes longer than 10 mins to execute, I'll lose interest pretty easily. Thus, only a few copies were actually completed and handed out. I don't even have a complete copy myself -- I had to cull these songs from various, poorly marked cassettes.


In Your Room - 2:59 - College kids love Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. Most college kids, last time I checked, are neither Drake nor Cohen, though. Very soft recording; turn up the volume if need be. Vocals kick in after about a minute or so.

Introduction - 1:05

Your Friends - 6:19 - The epic, po-faced little song. Country music as performed by someone who sounds loaded on Valium, as heard by an even more sedated listener. If you can get through this one I should give you a prize.

Double Oh - 1:42 - aka "Working Sketch" on the tape.


And the stickers that were to be the front and back covers of this tape. Dig the tongue-in-cheek title. Clever: