The 16 Points

The 2008 RPM Album

Today's preferred tracks: Rocketship, Do You Really Want to be Dylan, Cipher, Unconcerned, White Flag
Rocketship (Instrumental) is also nice, mostly b/c I like the music more than I like my vocals on this


Russian Montage

Cyclic (instrumental) 1:03
Rocketship 3:50
Do You Really Want to be Dylan? 3:53
Jenny Comes Alive 2:17
Cipher (instrumental) :42
The Last to Know 2:55
When I Fall 4:18
Unconcerned (instrumental) 1:36
Return from the Sea :51
This Song Can’t Save Your Soul 3:15
White Flag (instrumental) :55
Be a Man About It 4:12
Step Outside 4:51

(If listening to the whole album, you may prefer to omit tracks 6, 7 & 10)


Instrumental versions of a few songs (Last to Know is a little better w/out vox, in particular):

Rocketship (Instrumental)

The Last to Know (Instrumental)

When I Fall (Instrumental)


In case you don't know, per the rules of the RPM Challenge, this album was recorded during the month of February 2008.
I played all instruments myself, except for lead guitar on "Be a Man About It" and vibes on "Unconcerned," both played by Jay Gonzalez.
Writing began during the last week of January. So this is what about 36 days of creativity gets you. Or me, at least.


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All songs (c) 2008 John Britt/The 16 Points