Full of Britt

Videos for Jay Gonzalez's New Album, Back to the Hive

Playlist: Trampoline, Promos, and Performances



(I Wanna) Hold You

As seen on RollingStone.com



Jay Gonzalez & Pete Smith

Helen Magellan

Premiered on Adult Swim, 9/26/19



Videos from Mess of Happiness

Turning Me On

Winner, Audience Choice, Sprockets 2012

(Writer, Director, Editor)


Punch of Love

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor)


Old Smokey

Vacant Lot

(Director, Camera, Editor)


Jay Tour Promo

(Concept, After Effects, Editor)

Jay profile illustrated by Jeff T. Owens



Jay Album Promos

Back to the Hive

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor)


That Song

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor)


Classic Tribute

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor, After Effects)


The Kickstarter video that earned Jay $10K*

(Writer, etc.)

*Funding may have actually been due to Jay's prodigious musical talent and not this video. No guarantees express or implied.



Short Songs!

I love short songs!

A playlist of some recent short instrumentals

Shongs: More short songs


Short Fiction

Dumb words for short attention spans